About Me

Howdy Folks, Coyote here,

Maybe you'd like to know alittle bit about me, and maybe just maybe, l'm the one who can tell the story best.

Born in Pendleton, Oregon, raised for ten years in Northern Nevada on the Duck indian Reservation only to return to Pendleton and knish growing up on a wheat/cattle ranchjust South of Pendleton about 28 mikes. Between the two cultures I learned respect for the land, hard work, family, friends, religion, and music.

My memories stem from how I was raised and those that raised me. The music I play and sing comes from my heart, and when I sing a song I like to try to paint a picture, one you can see through closed eyes while you listen to my music.

lf thanks is to be given, I'd like to start with the Almighty himself, for the gift he has given me, to the many artists who have gone before me and those of you who still inspire me today, thank you. To those of you who call me pard and friend, and to my family, the ones who call me son, husband, dad, brother, papa, grandpa, and Joe, thank you the most.

And a special thanks to a man who for the past two years has been an amigo to me, Bonihcio Dominoes, and helped me on this CD from start to knish, Mucho Gracias Amigo.....I'll see you down the trail......

Coyote Joe  

A little about my friend,
Coyote Joe

Joseph Coyote Sartin, born in N.E. Oregon near Pendleton, Or. and raised in Northern Nevada on the Duck Reservation until ten years old only to return to a small cattle/wheat ranch outside of Pendleton and learn the life of a cowboy from the men that lived the life every day.

His love of horses and cattle and the ranch life was a part of his being like none other he'd known. The music out on the ranch was simple but endearing and this was to be a long venture with no end.

Learning the songs of the range and of the life a cowboy lives plays a big part of what adds to the honky Conks, grange get togethers, church choir, family reunions, andjust being alone.

Joe said one time ''you just can't understand what true music is unless you've played it all'', and I guess he's right because Joe has played it all at one time or another. His true calling is the songs of the West though, and you can hear it in every word he sings.

Singer, song writer, and guitar player, Joseph Sartin better known as Coyote Joe among listeners and on stage. He makes every Cowboy gathering he can afford to-get-to and puts on personal shows from time to time. Whether he's a featured performer or back on the sidelines just jamming cause it's fun. Joe plays it from the heart and supports other performers when he can.

I've known Coyote Joe for almost forty years and it seems to me he was singin' some time before that. His soft baritone voice and soft guitar still takes me to a time l'd never lived but wished l'd had.

So, if you want to know about Coyote Joe, just listen to him sing.

an old friend and pard,
Jim Stillwell, the saddle bum

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